Shelter & Relief Domes

Perfect for personal emergency preparedness, bug-out scenarios, disaster relief and semi-permanent tent city and refugee housing.

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Greenhouse & Grow Domes

Take control of your growing environment, increase the plant hardiness of your planting area and boost your annual yield.

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Glamping & Eco Resort Domes

Give your guests an amazing zen-like experience or create a personal and family space that is sure to inspire.

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Event & Festival Domes

No matter where you are in the world make your next corporate event memorable. With event domes for rent and sale we’ll be there to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience. Sizes range from 16 feet to 120 feet in diameter and can accommodate up to 1,800 people.

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Vital Domes

Dome Homes, Geodesic Shelters, Event Tents, Greenhouses and Glamping / Eco Resort Domes

Introducing six new domes!

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Welcome to Vital Domes, the leading Intermountain West Geodesic Dome Manufacturer. Inspired by the original dome builder, R. Buckminster Fuller, we specialize in: Geodesic Dome Homes for full-time living, Shelter Domes for emergencies & refugees, beautifully crafted Glamping Domes for Resorts & Eco-Retreats, Greenhouse Domes and Event Domes.

I was sold on the Vital Domes when I Jumped up and hung from the bracing of the interior brackets. 285 Pounds didn’t affect the structural integrity. I was impressed and made sure to grab one for my family. Very happy with my own Vital Dome.

John F.

While looking for a way to build my own geodesic dome shelter, I found that Vital domes had already done exhaustive legwork in researching and building an extremely strong shelter. I’m absolutely impressed and our dome has already been built in our backyard and tested. Deep snow has nothing on this dome.

Erick A.

I can’t believe how strong this fabric is. I just love it. The whole dome is so strong. I also love that it’s white and bright and can be wiped clean.

Judi J.

We want to thank all our customers. In less than 2 years from our founding, we have become a leader in dome design, manufacturing and distribution. We’re excited to see what we do together in 2017… now let’s go create some more amazing spaces!

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Intelligent Design

Every design aspect has been meticulously reviewed and thoughtfully implemented to create an intelligent living area in all our Dome Houses. The sacred geometry of a dome harmonizes superior strength with an almost healing, zen-like atmosphere creating an ideal living space. Gone are the days of clunky design and inferior comfort and quality. Customize your interior and create your own unique Dome Home. Crafted with clean lines and attention to detail you’ll find our dome will very quickly become your dome.

Welcoming Comfort

The spherical shape of our Geodesic Dome Homes are the most welcoming and inviting structures you’ll find. You won’t find square walls and boring structures in nature, so why limit your daily living or special moments with traditional Event Tents. Whether you are planning a unique wedding, the high adventure trip of a lifetime or a corporate event aimed at impressing your high value guests, our Event Domes bring everyone together in a single space that will wow even the toughest of critics.

Superior Strength

Every legend, folklore and myth comes from humble beginning and sometimes from an origin in truth. Simply put, that once upon a time, somewhere someone did something incredible. Our domes are much the same. Our standard model can carry a herculean load of 3 tons and our reinforced model boasts 8+ tons. We weren’t kidding about legendary strength. Vital Domes shelter solutions are more than just tents, our domes are the true definition of strength and longevity.

The Inspiration Behind Vital Domes

Every business has different motivations and goals that propel it forward. See how and why we got started.

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