What is a geodesic dome?
A geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a network of geodesics (great circles) on the surface of a sphere or a hemisphere. The geodesics intersect to form triangular elements, which have local, triangular rigidity, and so distribute the structural stress throughout the geodesic sphere

What are the dome covers made of?
Greenhouse domes covers are made with 15oz polyvinyl cover with an 8+ year UV life protection. Survival Shelter covers are made with 18oz polyvinyl fabric with a 7+ year UV life protection. All event domes are designed and engineered as needed for the venue and to comply with local laws.

What are the frames made from?
Our dome frames are made from galvanized steel. We chose galvanized steel because it is extremely resilient, reliable and has an exceptionally long life span. Galvanized steel coatings have a structural lifespan in excess of 50 years.

What strength of frame will I need?
Our standard frame is .92” galvanized steel which has a load rating of 3 tons. If you plan on setting up your dome in an area with heavy snow fall please contact your city or county to determine actual building code requirements and load ratings. Then contact us to discuss options for heavier duty frames. We can customize a frame to your needs.

Can I interchange components or upgrade them later?
Most components can be upgraded later. The passive solar windows, the floors and vestibules can always be added to your order later. Stove jacks and solar ventilation systems must be purchased and installed in your initial order or you’ll have to buy an entirely new cover later on.
What kind of care and maintenance does my dome require?

How do I clean off mildew?
Cleaning your dome is very simple. The polyvinyl shell is antimicrobial which makes it a snap to clean and maintain. In the warehouse and in use, we simply use Formula409 to keep our domes clean, bright and sanitized.

What zoning issues if any will I need to consider within an urban area?
Every city and county has zoning issues that will affect your ability to use your dome as a permanent living structure. Our domes are far from the standard housing and are very much non typical. Let us know what your local municipalities seismic, wind load and snow load requirements are and we will work with our engineers to get you what you require. Many of our customers have put up their domes in their backyards without any problems from their local municipalities. However a larger dome intended for living will need to get approval from your local municipalities building and zoning department.

What is the shipping size and weight?
Our base model weight is 550lbs when palletized and ready to ship. All upgrades can increase that baseline cost.

How do I secure my dome to the ground?
To maintain wind resistance your dome must be secured to the ground properly or to a suitable permanent structure. We recommend using our stake system for all ground installations or if you are building on a platform you should use our anchor system.

Are there insulation options?
We currently offer a liner option that provides a 2R insulation level and are working on systems to increase insulation up to 6R and higher. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be notified when new insulation options come out.

Can I install locking doors?
Yes, you can modify your dome however you see fit. There is a risk that you will damage the exterior cover and any damage you inflict or that is a result to any modifications you make will void any warranties in place.

Can I purchase a replacement cover for my dome?
Yes, if you have damaged your dome outside of the warranty or would like to purchase a different cover, you can do that at any time. Contact us for pricing as they are not currently available on the website.

How can I heat my dome?
We recommend a two part heating solution. Our passive solar windows are ideal during daylight hours to increase the heat in your dome. They are fantastic because they require no active work by you to increase the heat. Evenings and night heating is best done through a wood burning stove. We currently offer 3 sizes of stove jacks that will allow a 4.5, 5, and 6 inch stove pipe to exit the dome.

How can I cool my dome?
Cooling your dome is much simpler than heating. We have built in 2 screened in windows to help create a cross breeze air flow to allow cooling to work quickly and easily. If you have upgraded to more windows and doors, you can utilize these as well to cool your dome.

Can I hang lights and run electrical inside my dome?

How long will it take to set up my dome?
All domes can be easily constructed with basic tools and small teams. Our 24’ dome can be built in less than 4 hours from start to finish with three people. If you have a larger team or have experience building, you can get done much quicker. Our team constructs our 24’ dome in 45-90 minutes.

How long does it take to get my dome from the time I order?
Standard built time for a dome is 6 weeks from the time we collect payment. Your dome is then shipped via freight and you can expect it within 7 weeks. In some cases due to seasonal material shortages your order can take up to 12 weeks to complete and ship.

Do you have domes available for rent?
Currently we do not offer a rental program for our domes. Join our newsletter so we can inform you when that changes.

Do you ship to Canada or other countries?
We do offer international shipping. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you offer payment plans?
Payment in full is required for all purchases.

My order is considered a custom order. What exactly does that mean?
Every dome we manufacture is fabricated to the exact specification each new owner specifies. As such few domes with their options are exactly alike. Due to the fact that each order is custom, all sales are final.