Glamping & Eco Resort Domes.

Enjoy life in a natural space.


Imagine your own private hotel with a perfect view of the heavens. Spending late hours counting every star you see. Vital Domes glamping dome is the perfect solution for the ultimate outdoor experience. rivaling any four-star hotel with our glamping domes are fully customizable with many configurations. Contact us for custom options and pricing.

Eco Living

Imagine waking up with a picturesque view of your idyllic environment. Imagine a life with no mortgage, little or no utility bills and the freedom to deconstruct pack up and move your entire home in a rented truck or trailer to a new destination.

Ideal for a mountain retreat.

One of the biggest trends to ever emerge in the world of camping is glamping. Somewhere between sheer opulence and roughing it, this is the most luxurious camping experience you’ll ever have.

Our Glamping Domes will give your guests a feeling of 5-star luxury in a most dramatic way. With more square footage and roof clearance than traditional tents, they’ll never feel cramped or confined.

Designed for an enhanced camping experience, all of our Glamping Geodesic Domes optionally come with a HUGE panoramic window bringing the outdoors almost inside. Stronger and more resilient, our domes are resilient in windy areas and defies rain and heavy snow.

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