Greenhouse & Grow Domes

Extend Your Growing Season.

Optimized Growing Space

Want the ability to grow tall, healthy plants? Our Greenhouse domes give you more growing space than traditional rectangular structures. At 14 feet tall you have ample room to grow vertically, extending your growing area beyond the 425 sqft. floorspace.

Automatic Ventilation

Take control of the temperature of your dome with our included solar vent and fan system. Thermostatically controlled, and powered by the sun’s light, you’re given finite control of when the venting fan turns on and off automatically ensuring an optimal growing environment.

Enhanced Light Distribution

Enjoy healtier plants with diffused, homogenous light distribution. Our, milky white covering only allows 74% of direct sunlight tempering its harsh intensity. Diffusing the light creates a more even and symmetrical light distrubution that reaches all areas of the greenhouse.

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A rewarding investment.

When you purchase a greenhouse dome from Vital Domes you are purchasing more than a growing structure, you are investing in yourself, in your future, and in a higher quality of life. It’s an investment that will pay for itself over and over again for many years.

Our greenhouse domes can be effective for many growing ambitions. From hydroponic delivery systems, mittleider gardening methods, and even a a basic garden, your options are endless with our dome. With the high, valuted ceilings, diffused lighting and ridged, load bearing frame you can plant vertically, horizontally or a combination of both. This spatial flexibility gives you, as the gardener, the latitude to grow a variety of plants using many different methods.

Our geometric greenhouse structure sheds rain and snow effectively, is rated for a distributed snowload of over 3 tons, can withstand winds of over 100 miles per hour when properly anchored, and is shipped to you with a complete set of instructions. Plan on spending 3-5 hours building your dome and then a decade enjoying the literal fruits of your labor.

Interested in a different size or custom dome? We also build custom greenhouses, tiny homes and survival shelters. Our designers can design and fabricate just the geodesic structure you are looking for. Vital Domes is changing the way greenhouse domes and geodesic shelters are viewed and used throughout the world. Geodesic domes have been around since the late 1920’s and have evolved from novelty displays and small planetariums into the most ecofriendly living and growing spaces. Our geodomes are designed to maximize your usable space in a minimum footprint.

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