Geodesic Greenhouse 24 FT Diameter Dome

All Domes Include: Frame, Fitted Cover, Hardware, Heavy Duty Bags, Anchor Points, Extra Frame Parts and Detailed Instructions.

Door Options

Flooring Options

(Flooring is recommended to control excess humidity)

Attachable 8x10 Grow Vestibules

(Includes 2 doors, 4 windows, connector flange, & frame)

1/2" Rebar Anchoring Stakes

24 Watt Automatic Solar Fan

$6,875.00 $5,875.00


Enhance the way you live and improve your growing potential with a geodesic greenhouse dome from Vital Domes. Our domes are 100% made in house, right here in Clifton, Idaho. We have built our greenhouse domes to provide you, the grower, control of so much more than just your food. Our 24’ Greenhouse geodome is an industrial strength structure measuring 14 feet tall and 24 feet in diameter giving you ample room to grow vertically and horizontally. Extend your growing season with and to obtain bumper crops in its vast growing space with your own 24 foot diameter geodesic dome greenhouse.

With our included solar vent and fan system with thermostat, you control the climate and growing conditions of your geodesic greenhouse dome. This inclusive system aids in creating the perfect growing conditions.

Our structure can hold an impressive 3 tons of dispersed weight and our fitted diffused shell allows 74% sunlight thus maximizing the benefits of the sun while reducing its harsh intensity. If you are adventurous and want to grow throughout the winter, consider a rocket stove thermal mass heater or geothermal heating and cooling system, utilizing the benefits of mother nature to aid you in your growing.

When you purchase a geodesic greenhouse dome from Vital Domes you are purchasing more than a growing structure, you are investing in yourself, in your future, and in a higher quality of life. Our Greenhouse Structure sheds rain and snow effectively, can withstand winds of over 100 miles per hour and is shipped to you with a complete set of instructions. You can plan on spending 3-5 hours building your dome and a decade enjoying the literal fruits of your labor.

Interested in a different size or custom dome? We also build custom greenhouses, tiny homes and survival shelters. Our designers can design and fabricate just the geodesic structure you are looking for.


  • Frame: Standard .922″ galvanized steel frame with hardware
  • Top Cap: 20mil greenhouse poly vinyl cover (8+ year UV life protection)
  • Dome Shell: 20mil greenhouse poly vinyl cover (8+ year UV life protection)
  • One Door: Weather-tight, zip door
  • Storage Bags: 5 Strut Bags (including Door Assembly), 1 Hardware Bag, 3 shell bags
  • Instructions: Greenhouse dome care & assembly instructions
  • 1 Year Covering Warranty*

Greenhouse 24′ / Self-Assembly geodesic greenhouse by Vital Domes; we are revolutionizing the way Geodesic tents and greenhouses are done.

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs


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